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13000 Series-GOX/GAN EC

Gas argon-free internal compression cryogenic air separation equipment

Code: 13006A

Model: KDON-300/300

Name: gas-free argon external compression cryogenic air separation equipment

Product parameters:

Describe Yield Purity Out of cold box pressure
Gas Oxygen 300 Nm3/hr 99.6% O2 0.02 Mpa.G
Gas Nitrogen 300 Nm3/hr 100ppm O2 0.01 Mpa.G

Installed power: ~296KW

Shaft power consumption: ~212.5KW

Circulating cooling water volume: ~40m3/hr


Equipment introduction:

This set of air separation equipment can produce low-pressure gas oxygen and gas nitrogen at the same time. The back section can be equipped with a high-pressure oxygen compressor to fill the bottle, which can be used as oxygen for industrial welding and cutting. It can also be equipped with a low-pressure oxygen compressor and used for on-site supply. Gas is used to supply gas to the metallurgical industry, steelmaking industry, glass production line, electronic product production line, combustion-supporting furnace, etc. Nitrogen can be equipped with a high-pressure nitrogen compressor to fill the bottle, or can be equipped with a low-pressure nitrogen compressor to be used as factory purge gas, inert protective gas, local fire-fighting gas, etc.


In terms of process, the classic two-tower process is used to produce high-purity oxygen and high-purity nitrogen at the same time, starting from the air compressor, all low-pressure working processes, and the system is mainly composed of screw air compressors (or piston air compressors) and air pre-coolers , Air purifier (using activated alumina and 13X APG molecular sieve), air separation cold box (using aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger, aluminum sieve plate rectification tower), turbo expander and other monomer equipment. The gas pressurization of the rear product needs to be equipped with a piston oxygen compressor, a nitrogen compressor, an intake buffer tank, an exhaust gas storage tank, a pressure reducing device, etc.


The entire system is controlled by an on-site instrument cabinet, and the main pressure, temperature, flow, differential pressure and other data are displayed on-site, and the main operating valves are manual valves.