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Jiangsu Wintek Industrial Technology Co., ltd.(SUWIITE), located in Suzhou city of China, adjacent to the international metropolis Shanghai, keeps in line with the international leading benchmark in terms of economy, transportation, product technology level and market rules.


We focus on research and development, design, and manufacturing of cryogenic air separation plant and industrial gas equipment, as well as export trade of air separation plant, chemical machinery, energy equipment, auxiliary equipment, industrial valves instruments, etc.


In the field of air separation plant, we adopt and develop the latest technology to provide our customers with the most advanced and cost-effective air separation plant, and strive to become the most reliable air separation plant supplier for China domestic and overseas customers. We are also committed to the export of China's industrial technology products and become a reliable green channel for foreign customers to purchase China's industrial equipment.


Our package plants mainly include:

10000 Series-GOX/GAN Internal Compression Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

11000 Series- GAN/LIN Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

12000 Series- GOX/GAN/LAr Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

13000 Series- GOX/GAN External Compression Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

14000 Series- LOX/LIN/LAr Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

15000 Series- LOX/LIN Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

16000 Series- Cryogenic Gas Liquefier

17000 Series- Special Gas Plant

18000 Series- GAN PSA Nitrogen Generator

19000 Series- GOX PSA Oxygen Generator

20000 Series-Oxygen Generator by VPSA Technology

21000 Series-Hydrogen Generator


Our unit products mainly include:

31000 Series-Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank

31100 Series-Vacuum Powder Insulation

31200 Series-Multi-Layer Insulation

31300 Series-Flat Bottom

32000 Series-Cryogenic Liquid Vaporizer

32100 Series-Water Bath Vaporizer

32200 Series-Ambient Vaporizer

51000 Series-Self-Cleaning Air Filter

52000 Series-Air Compressor

52100 Series-Reciprocating

52200 Series-Screw

52300 Series-Centrifugal

53000 Series-Air Blower

53100 Series-Roots

53200 Series-Centrifugal

54000 Series-Vacuum Pump

55000 Series-Air Precooler and Air Chiller

56000 Series-Heat Exchanger

56100 Series-BAHX

56200 Series-Tube and Shell

57000 Series-Turbine Expander

57100 Series-Oil Bearing

57200 Series-Air Bearing

58000 Series-Cryogenic Liquid Pump

58100 Series-Reciprocating

58200 Series-Centrifugal

59000 Series-Valve

59100 Series-Cryogenic Pneumatic

59200 Series-Cryogenic Manual

59300 Series-Anti-Corrosion

59400 Series-Others

60000 Series-Industrial Instruments

60100 Series-Pressure Transmitter

60200 Series-RTD

60300 Series- Surveying Accessary

60700 Series- Surveying Total Station

60900 Series-Gas Analyzer


On technology, our experienced professional engineers focus on technical innovation and adopt international latest process simulation software, 2D and 3D drawing design software to ensure design reliability and accuracy. During production we introduce internationally advanced high precision processing equipment to guarantee maximized consistency between products and design drawings and to minimize any variations, under strict quality management standards and system. Our customer service is based on our established full process responsible service system of one stop, one person and one day, to ensure customers’ satisfactions.


We have accomplished projects in China and over 20 overseas countries, including Russia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Egypt, India, Angola, Nigeria, Iraq, etc. We look forward to establish more overseas connections and have more chances to serve worldwide customers.


Finally, we warmly welcome friends to visit our premises to further improve our long-term co-operation and mutually beneficial development. We always insist on exceeding to make excellence.


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