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12000 Series-GOX/GAN/LAr

Gas argon-free internal compression cryogenic air separation equipment

Code: 12005A

Model: KDONAr-1600-50Y/1200/35Y

Name: Cryogenic Air Separation Equipment with Argon Gas

Product parameters:

Describe Yield Purity Out of cold box pressure
Gas oxygen

1600 Nm³/hr


99.6% O₂ 0.02Mpa.G
Liquid oxygen

50 Nm³/hr

(71Kg/hr, 62L/hr)

99.6% O 0.1 Mpa.G
Gas Nitrogen

1200 Nm³/hr


100ppm O₂ 0.01Mpa.G
Liquid argon

35 Nm³/hr

(62Kg/hr, 43.5L/hr)

100ppm O₂ 0.1Mpa.G


Installed power: ~1573KW

Shaft power consumption: ~1189KW

Circulating cooling water volume: ~150m3/hr


Equipment introduction:

This air separation equipment can produce atmospheric oxygen, gas nitrogen, and liquid argon at the same time, and can produce a small amount of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen for standby. It can be used in the metallurgical industry, steelmaking industry and other production processes that require oxygen, nitrogen, and argon. Used for on-site pipeline gas supply. Due to the low pressure of oxygen and nitrogen, it is usually necessary to configure externally compressed piston oxygen compressors and nitrogen compressors to pressurize to a certain pressure to the gas storage tank, and then decompress from the gas storage tank to supply the owner's other oxygen and other needs through pipelines. Production process of nitrogen and argon.


In terms of process, the classic two-tower process is used to produce high-purity oxygen and high-purity nitrogen at the same time, starting from the air compressor, all low-pressure working processes. The system is mainly composed of oil-free centrifugal air compressors, air pre-coolers, and air purifiers ( It is composed of activated alumina and 13X APG molecular sieve), air separation cold box (using aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger, aluminum sieve plate rectification tower and aluminum structured packing tower), turbo expander and other monomer equipment. The gas pressurization of the rear product needs to be equipped with a piston oxygen compressor, a nitrogen compressor, an intake buffer tank, an exhaust gas storage tank, a pressure reducing device, etc. The back-end liquid storage backup system needs to be equipped with liquid oxygen storage tanks, liquid nitrogen storage tanks, liquid oxygen pumps, liquid nitrogen pumps, vaporizers, etc.


The whole system is controlled by Siemens PLC. The main pressure, temperature, flow, differential pressure and other data are displayed and stored in the PLC through signal transmission. The main operating valves are pneumatic valves, and the logic interlocking operation and control are completed in the PLC.