Jiangsu Wintek Industrial Technology Co., ltd.

Created on:2021-11-21 21:16

Jiangsu Wintek Industrial Technology Co., ltd. is an innovative enterprise which focuses on design, manufacturing, procurement, service and trading for cryogenic air separation plant, industrial gas equipment, energy equipment, chemical machinery, etc. We adopt and develop the latest technology in our involved industries, and supply most advanced and cost economical plant and equipment to our valuable customers. Our main production facilities locate in Suzhou, Changzhou, Nanyang, Kaifeng of China.


On technology, our experienced professional engineers focus on technical innovation and adopt international latest process simulation software, heat calculation software, strength calculation software, 2D and 3D drawing software to ensure design reliability and accuracy. During production we introduce internationally advanced high precision processing equipment to guarantee maximized consistency between products and design drawings and to minimize any variations, under strict quality management standards and system. Our customer service is based on our established full process responsible service system of one stop, one person and one day, to ensure customers’ satisfactions.