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Successful Case

Gas argon-free internal compression cryogenic air separation equipment

Code: 11007A

Model: KDN-1000/25Y

Name: Pure nitrogen cryogenic air separation equipment

Product parameters:

Describe Yield Purity Out of cold box pressure
Gas Nitrogen 1000Nm³/hr ≤3ppm O₂ 0.2Mpa.G
Liquid nitrogen


(40 L/hr)

≤3 ppm O₂ 0.2Mpa.G


Installed power: ~316KW

Shaft power consumption: ~267KW

Circulating cooling water volume: ~40m3/hr


Equipment introduction:

This air separation equipment is used to produce high-purity nitrogen. It can be used in the glass industry, electronics industry and other processes that require high-purity inert protective gas. It is mainly used for on-site pipeline gas supply and can produce a small amount of liquid nitrogen as a backup.


In the process design, we make full use of the technical concept of "the lower the working pressure, the better the rectification effect", and adopt positive flow expansion refrigeration to reduce the working pressure of the rectification tower as much as possible to achieve better rectification effect. Mainly composed of screw air compressor (or oil-free piston air compressor), air pre-cooler, air purifier (using 13X APG molecular sieve), air separation cold box (using aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger, aluminum sieve plate Distillation tower), turbo expander and other monomer equipment.


If users have higher requirements for nitrogen purity, they can increase the nitrogen purity by enhancing and enlarging the rectification tower structure design.