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10000 Series-GOX/GAN IC

Gas argon-free internal compression cryogenic air separation equipment

Code: 10002A

Model: KDON-50/50

Name: Gas argon-free internal compression cryogenic air separation equipment

Product parameters:


Describe Yield Purity Out of cold box pressure
Condition 1:      
Gas oxygen



99.6% O₂ 15Mpa.G
Condition 2 (optional):      
Gas Nitrogen



100 ppm O₂ 15Mpa.G




Installed power: ~79KW

Shaft power consumption: ~56.5KW

Circulating cooling water volume: ~12m3/hr


Equipment introduction:

This air separation equipment is suitable for users in small gas companies or users in areas far away from large centralized gas supply stations. It is mainly used for the production of high-pressure oxygen filling cylinders, which can be used for industrial oxygen and medical oxygen. Traditionally, high-pressure oxygen compressors are used for filling cylinders. The external compressed air separation unit can only produce industrial oxygen and cannot be used as standard medical oxygen.


In terms of process design, we have absorbed advanced experience and safety concepts in the field of cryogenic air separation in Europe and the United States, and adopted a full low-pressure rectification process to avoid the high cost, safety hazards and maintenance difficulties of traditional high-pressure oxygen compressors, and adopt liquid oxygen internal compression Process, the high-pressure liquid oxygen exchanges heat with the raw air in the air separation cold box to recover the cold capacity to ensure safety and energy saving. The system is mainly composed of screw air compressors, air pre-coolers, air purifiers (using 13X APG molecular sieve), air The sub-cold box (using aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger, aluminum sieve plate distillation tower), turbo expander, liquid oxygen pump and other single equipment.


It is the first choice for users in air separation equipment for small filling bottles.