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13006A KDON-300/300 Gas Oxygen/Gas Nitrogen External Compression Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

Tag No.13006A


NameGas Oxygen/Gas Nitrogen External Compression Cryogenic Air Separation Plant


General performance




Pressure ex cold box

Gas oxygen (GOX)

300 Nm³/hr

99.6% O2

0.02 MPa G

Gas nitrogen (GAN)

300 Nm³/hr

100ppm O2

0.01MPa G


Air flow~1900Nm³/hr

Installed power~251KW

Consumed power~185.5KW

Recycle cooling water flow~35m³/hr


Product introduction:

This set of air separation plant can produce low-pressure gas oxygen and gas nitrogen simultaneously. The rear section can be equipped with a high-pressure oxygen compressor to fill the cylinder as oxygen for industrial welding, cutting and other purposes. It can also be configured with a low-pressure oxygen compressor to pressurize and use the pipeline as on-site gas supply to supply gas to the metallurgical industry, steel-making industry, glass production line, electronic product production line, combustion supporting process furnace, etc. Nitrogen can be filled with high-pressure nitrogen compressor, or it can be pressurized with low-pressure nitrogen compressor as factory purge gas, inert protective gas, local fire extinguishment gas, etc. It is a mature air separation equipment independently developed and designed by Jiangsu Wintek Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.


In terms of process, the classic double tower process is used to produce high-purity oxygen and high-purity nitrogen at the same time. It is a full low-pressure working process from the air compressor. The system is mainly composed of screw air compressor (or piston air compressor), air precooler, air purifier (using activated aluminum oxide and 13X APG molecular sieve), air separation cold box (using aluminum plate fin heat exchanger and aluminum sieve tray rectification tower), turbine expander and other single equipment. The product gas pressurization in the later stage needs to be equipped with piston oxygen compressor, nitrogen compressor, input buffer tank, output gas storage tank, pressure reducing device, etc.


The whole system is controlled by local instrument cabinet, and the data of main pressure, temperature, flow and differential pressure are displayed locally. The main operating valves are manual valves.


Process introduction:

Cryogenic air separation plant is the main equipment for the production of industrial and medical oxygen and nitrogen in the world. After purifying the air, pure air with basically only oxygen and nitrogen components is obtained, and then deeply cooled to liquefy the air. With different boiling points of oxygen and nitrogen components and different evaporation rates at the same temperature, the nitrogen evaporation rate is higher. The gas phase evaporated nitrogen on each column tray is more than oxygen, The nitrogen content in gas phase is more than that in the liquid phase, and the oxygen content in liquid phase is more than that in the gas phase. Through the continuous progression of many layers of trays, pure nitrogen is finally obtained in the top gas phase and pure liquid oxygen is obtained in the bottom liquid phase. Pure nitrogen can be directly output gas nitrogen products or converted into liquid nitrogen through heat exchange. Pure gas-phase oxygen products can be directly extracted from gas-phase space above the liquid oxygen level, or pure liquid-phase oxygen products can be extracted from liquid-phase space below the liquid oxygen level. The purity of standard oxygen products can reach 99.6% O2, and the purity of nitrogen products can reach ppm O2.


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13000 Series-Gas Oxygen/Gas Nitrogen External Compression Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

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