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11007A KDN-1000/25Y Nitrogen Generator

Tag No.11007A


NameGAN/LIN Cryogenic Air Separation Plant


General performance




Pressure ex cold box

Gas nitrogen (GAN)


≤3ppm O2

0.2MPa G

Liquid nitrogen (LIN)


(40 L/hr)

≤3 ppm O2

0.2MPa G

Air flow~2200Nm³/hr

Installed power~315KW

Consumed power~266KW

Recycle cooling water flow~40m³/hr


Product introduction:

This air separation plant mainly produces high-purity gas nitrogen and liquid nitrogen. Low pressure piston air compressor or screw air compressor is used to provide source air. After pretreatment and purification by air precooler and air purifier, the pure air of ~15°C is obtained. It is partially liquefied in the aluminum plate fin heat exchanger of air separation cold box and enters the rectification column. After continuous distillation of dozens of column trays, pure nitrogen and liquid nitrogen are obtained at the condensation evaporator at the top of the rectification column. The nitrogen purity can reach 1~3ppm O2.


This plant adopts forward flow expansion process to produce low-pressure nitrogen. It is mainly supplied to glass production line as protective gas in glass production process. It can also be used as protective gas in electronic product production enterprises, metallurgical industry or the raw material nitrogen in chemical industry. It is generally used as on-site gas supply equipment. Nitrogen product is the main product, and a small amount of liquid nitrogen is produced as standby and stored in cryogenic liquid nitrogen storage tank. When emergency gas supply is required for equipment maintenance, liquid nitrogen is converted into gas nitrogen through gasifier and supplied to other production processes. This is a mature nitrogen generator of Jiangsu Wintek Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.


Process introduction:

Cryogenic nitrogen generator is the major nitrogen production equipment in the world to produce high-purity gas nitrogen and liquid nitrogen. It takes air as raw material and uses molecular sieve to filter all impurities in the air to obtain pure air, which basically has only oxygen and nitrogen components. Then the air is deeply cooled and partially liquefied. Since the boiling point of nitrogen molecules is higher than that of oxygen molecules, when the liquid air is partially evaporated, more nitrogen components enter the gas phase than oxygen components, and more oxygen components remain in the liquid phase than nitrogen components. In cryogenic distillation tower, through progressive distillation of multi-layer trays by progressive evaporation at different temperature points, the high-purity nitrogen of ppm O2 grade is obtained at the top of the column. The gas nitrogen can be converted into liquid nitrogen output through heat exchanging. This equipment series can produce high-purity gas nitrogen and liquid nitrogen at the same time.


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11000 Series-GAN/LIN Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

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