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10002A KDON-50/50 Gas Oxygen/Gas Nitrogen Internal Compression Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

Tag No.10002A


NameGas Oxygen/Gas Nitrogen Internal Compression Cryogenic Air Separation Plant


General performance and utilities consumption:

General performance




Pressure ex cold box

Work Mode 1:




Gas oxygen

50Nm³/hr  (71.4Kg/hr)

99.6% O2

15MPa G

Work Mode 2(optional):




Gas nitrogen

50Nm³/hr  (62.5Kg/hr)

100 ppm O2

15MPa G


Air Flow~370Nm³/hr

Installed power~79KW

Consumed shaft power~56.5KW

Recycle cooling water flow~12m³/hr


Equipment introduction:

This air separation plant is suitable for users of small gas companies or users in areas far away from large centralized gas supply stations. It is mainly used to produce high-pressure oxygen for filling cylinders, which can be used for industrial oxygen and medical oxygen. The traditional external compression air separation unit filled with high-pressure oxygen compressor can only produce industrial oxygen, not standard medical oxygen.


In terms of process design, we have learned from the advanced experience and safety concept in the field of cryogenic air separation field of Europe and America. We adopt the full low-pressure distillation process, avoid the high cost, potential safety hazards and maintenance difficulties of the traditional high-pressure oxygen compressor, and adopt the liquid oxygen internal compression process, The high-pressure liquid oxygen exchanges heat with the feed air in the air separation cold box to recover the coldness, so as to ensure safety and energy saving. The system is mainly composed of screw air compressor, air precooler, air purifier (using 13X APG molecular sieve), air separation cold box (using aluminum plate fin heat exchanger and aluminum sieve tray rectification column), turbine expander, liquid oxygen pump, etc.


It is the user's first choice on air separation plant for small cylinder filling purpose.


For more details, please feel free to contact us by email to sales@wintekgroup.com


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10000 Series-Gas Oxygen/Gas Nitrogen Internal Compression Cryogenic Air Separation Plant

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