News 0003: Export Cryogenic Liquid Air Separation Plant To Middle East Area

In December 2019, Jiangsu Wintek signed a KDON-1500Y/1600Y cryogenic liquid air separation plant with one Middle East gas company to produce 1500Nm3/hr liquid oxygen or 1600Nm3/hr liquid nitrogen, which is mainly used for local industrial gas market sales. Under the great impact of COVID-19 and China environmental regulation on supply chain and production and living order in China and overseas, we overcome difficulties and concentrate resources on design and production, and successfully complete the equipment delivery in 2020. We overcome the risks and difficulties caused by COVID-19 to personal safety and international travel. Under the guidance of China engineer, after the unremitting efforts of owner and construction workers, the air separation plant was put into operation steadily in August 2021.


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Key Words: Industrial Oxygen Generator, Liquid Nitrogen Generator, Medical Oxygen Production Plant